Is Your Fridge Freezer Safe?

This story was originally covered in an article on The Telegraph. To read the original article, please click here.

It is believed that the cause of the Grenfell tower blaze was caused by a faulty fridge freezer. Fridge freezers are amongst the most dangerous household workplace electrical appliances if they are involved in a fire.

They contain large amounts of flammable insulation and are covered in plastic that is toxic when on fire.

In a controlled test by the London Fire Brigade, a fridge freezer went up in flames in less than 90 seconds. This is made even more dangerous by the fact that fridge freezers are left on 24/7 to keep our food cold or frozen. There is no legislation that makes fridge freezer manufactures to use non-flammable materials in the design of their fridge freezers.

This is why is it vital that as a property landlord or a business owner that you get all of your electrical appliances checked. Redlander PAT Testing Ltd can visit your property/workplace and conduct portable appliance checks to test if your electrical equipment is safe for use. There is a fridge freezer in almost every business and home in the UK. The cost of getting your electrical equipment checked is far less than the cost of losing your business or property. Most insurance companies now require a PAT Test certificate.

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